What is lost when generational growth is discounted

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Recently I read an article about women being more vocal in their doctors’ offices. According to the story in The Sydney Morning Herald, women are speaking up about issues related to peri-menopause and menopause. No longer willing to just accept the challenges of the “change of life” — hot flashes…

An open letter to those considering drastic measures.

Photo by Mark de Jong on Unsplash

Don’t do it.

That’s not why you came. Don’t cut out on your own party. In the mess of this life, perhaps you’ve forgotten, but you came for the delicious taste of water on a hot summer afternoon. You came for the…

Pet ownership is a lifelong commitment. Know that before you break a fur friend’s heart.

My beloved Ollie.

It all seemed lovely when it began. People were adopting pets like mad during the pandemic. Shelters were empty. Rejoice! All these beautiful, loving pups getting new homes. And lonely people were going to be lucky enough to know the unconditional love of a dog. Spectacular! Amazing! …


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