Sometimes you just have to trust that the bulk of your work is done.

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It’s not just Hollywood that makes LA hard to define.

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What Is The Draw Of The Open Road?

As I embark on a two-week cross-country journey with my young adult daughter — a trip she and I talked often of when first she decided to go to college in LA — I can’t help but wonder why this idea beckons to me in such a deep-seated way.

They are worth it and so are you.

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Pet ownership is a lifelong commitment. Know that before you break a fur friend’s heart.

My beloved Ollie.

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Do You Know How Beautiful You Are?

Not conventional beauty, not beauty prescribed by magazine covers or Instagram, but real…

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And I can’t help thinking: is it any wonder?

The volume of hate in our world has been getting louder and louder for years now. Mass shootings and “stand your ground” laws, people caged at the border for…


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